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Jungle Trips FAQs

1. I have been told that I need to get injections and bring malaria tablets on our trip. Is this true? If so, which injections? How important is it?
Yellow Fever vaccination is recommended, but not required. If you want to be on the safe side, get the shot before you arrive as it takes 10 days to become effective. Malaria is not a serious problem for travelers in the Peruvian Amazon, however it is present. If you feel you would like to take precautions, then you should consult your doctor and the local Health Department prior to traveling.

2. Can you provide a list of necessary items to bring such as type of clothing, mosquito-repellent, and so on?
Here is a packing list that we recommend for your Jungle Trips vacation:
• Long sleeved, tight-weave, light dark cotton shirts
• Tight-weave, light dark, long pants
• Broad brimmed hat
• Binoculars
• Camera
• Flashlight with batteries
• Ankle-high hiking boots
• Sun block lotion
• Sunglasses
• and of course, mosquito repellent

You may wish to mosquito-proof your clothes. Treat them with Permethrin which lasts for about two weeks even when you wash your clothes. As for repellent, the most common option is a lotion containing Deet. If you prefer to use natural products, search for formulas containing Citronella. (Reapply every 2 hours). The rainforest jungle also offers natural repellent for all their guests.

3. Would you recommend taking broad spectrum antibiotics?
You don’t need to go to this extent, as you will be staying in good lodges throughout your trip with the quality typical jungle food. However, we always recommend talking to your doctor or the local Health Department about any health concerns you have before traveling.

4. Are walking sticks helpful for the jungle?
You won’t go on any strenuous hikes, but walking sticks are always helpful.

5. Are we allowed to take all our luggage into the jungle? Is there a weight/bag restriction?
Each lodge has a secure luggage storage area, where you can stow the majority of your baggage before start exploring the jungle. This way you only have to carry what you need for the Amazon portion of your adventure. The best plan is to separate your things into different bags before you go to the jungle.

6. Is there any nightlife in the town?
There is a ton of nightlife, but only of the wildlife variety. You will be in the middle of the Amazon jungle and not in a town. Amazon Tours Perú are designed to get you as close to nature as possible, so the only music you’ll hear is the chattering of birds and the screeching of monkeys.

7. Will there be a representative at the airport to pick us up when we arrive?
Yes, in the airport look for a sign with your last name.
8. Is there canopy zip lining in the Amazon?
It depends where you are staying. but in the southern Amazon, in Manu National Park and near Puerto Maldonado, zip lines haven’t been developed yet. However, each lodge has some way for you to see the Amazon from above, such as canopy walkways or bird watching observation towers.

9. Will I be able to do the tour if I am unable to walk, for example with a broken leg?
Some Lodges in the rainforest are more accessible for people with physical challenges. Consult your travel advisor so they can arrange for you to stay in the same lodge most able to accommodate your needs.

10. There is only one hour between the two flights that are booked for us from Arequipa to Puerto Maldonado via Cusco. Will we be able to get both boarding passes when we check in at the Arequipa airport, and will our luggage be checked all the way through to Puerto Maldonado?
Your flights are well coordinated. Cusco is just a stopover (you won’t even get off the plane) & you will have everything you need for your trip to Puerto Maldonado. But if you go to Manu National Park you must get off in Cusco city

11. Is there a phone card that we can purchase at the airport before we go to the Amazon? Or are there special long distance phones we can use?
In the jungle there are no phone lines or cell sites, but radio communication is available for a true emergency.

12. Is it possible to fish at the jungle lodges?
Yes, simply request it when you get to your lodge. You can even have the cook prepare any fish you catch!

13. Is there hot water in the showers?
Some of the lodges have hot water showers, but keep in mind that the rainforest in hot and humid year round, so you probably won’t mind a cold shower anyways.

14. Are there private bathrooms in the lodges?
Some of the lodges have private bathrooms in the guestrooms.

15. Is there electricity in the lodges?
Many of the lodges have electricity, but oftentimes it is limited to the evening during dinnertime. At night, candles or lanterns are used in the rooms and hallways. This creates a beautiful ambiance while conserving energy.

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