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We are proud to present you our team of people, most of whom have been working long-time for Amazon Tours Peru, and who exactly have these characteristics:

Amazon Tours Peru team is made up of professional and enthusiastic Jungle people who take pride in their rich natural heritage and who have exceptional working experience.

Amazon Tours Peru has qualified personnel both in its administrative offices in Cusco City and in jungle area, many with years of wise experience that go back to the company's beginnings, others a bit younger with innovative ideas and eagerness to reach the goals set by the company aimed to our clients satisfaction without leaving aside the preservation of the resources found in the rainforest.

Amazon Tours Peru permanent training program keeps personnel updated on the techniques and knowledge to respond according to today's high-standard tourist market demands.

Amazon Tours Peru
guides are officially licensed and have Tourism Degrees and are fully conversant in both English and Spanish, and also in the local dialect, Quechua, and jungle dialect.
They have also undertaken medical exams, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands on your travels. We also have a good team of captain of the boat, cooks and assistant of the boat whose immense contribution and hard work never go unnoticed. They are an essential element in all our jungle trips.
Amazon Tours Peru has a select group of guides with work experience in the Amazon jungle; most of them are native to this region (Manu National Park), knowledge on the flora, fauna, the people of the Amazon and their traditions, customs and rich mythology. They speak more than one language besides Spanish, ecology defenders and oriented to use interpretation as the best mean to enrich visitors experience.

Our cooks are qualified and with the health certificate, prepare nutritious meals with a vegetarian option available.

Boat drivers
Our captain of the boat and the assistant of the boat, who carry all our equipment, and keep clean our boat. With your help we pay our staff professional wages and all employees receive health insurance as part of their employment benefits.

We can arrange hotel or hostel accommodations for you. We use hotels and hostels that are well recommended and tourist approved.
If you intend on travelling during the peak season (May - October) it is advisable that you contact us in advance to secure a booking, as hotels fill up very quickly.

Wherever we need to use transport, we travel in our private bus which is fully serviced and reliable and complies with Peruvian safety and insurance regulations.
Whenever the need calls for it, we sometimes have to use local transport to get to our given destination. In these instances your safety is always foremost in our minds and we do our best to make sure we get reliable local transport.

Environmental Policy
Peru and Peruvian jungle especially Manu National Park – Tambopata Reserve are a paradise for ecotourism and we aim to promote this as conscientiously as possible. We are fully conscious that the areas in which we operate are natural protected areas, so we make every effort to stay environmentally aware and cause as less disturbance as possible to our surroundings.

The Founders:
Marco M. Lima Llasa:
Marco has lived and worked in the Rainforest of Manu all his life, He studied at a jungle community Patria. He had studied Ecotourism at a Instituto Superior Tecnologico Publico Manu from 2003 - 2005.
He is the co-founder of Amazon Tours Peru, He is an authorized official tour guide for Manu National Park, Tambopata, Inka Trail and Machupicchu.
He speaks very good English and with extensive knowledge of the jungle and its flora and fauna and has many years of experience Guiding in amazon jungle of Manu National Park and Tambopata.

Yolanda Miranda Vargas:
born 1986, in rainforest of Manu, she is the co-founder of Amazon Tours Peru together with Marco and brothers, Currently she is office administrator and tour guide, she had studied Ecotourism in Cusco for 3 years, She can help you with additional information, explain about our tours or make arrangements for further tours and hotels with Her good English.

Dionicio Lima Llasa: (Naturalist guide, Brother)

Moises Lima: (Jungle tour guide, cousin)

Saulo: (Naturalist guide, friend)

Luis: (Cook)

Eloy: (Cook)

Cirilo: (Cook)

Freddy Miranda Vargas: (Bus driver, Brother-in-law)

Santiago: (Bus driver)

Mario Rayam: (Boat driver)

Saul: (Boat driver).

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