Amazon Tour from Cusco

7 Days (6 nights tour)

The Complete Manu Biosphere Reserve Experience

Cloud Forests, Boating in Manu River and Ox-Bow Lakes, Giant Otters, Macaw and Tapir Licks, and the observation Towers

Frequency: (April through November)


Fixed departures

Transport: in and out by bus-boat (round trip)

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Day 1: Cusco – Amazon Pona Lodge
Leaving Cusco at 5:00 am we travel through traditional Quechua communities, first stopping to visit the pre Inca burial towers of Ninamarca. We then drive through the mountains, to get to the typical and folkloric town of Paucartambo. Here we will take a short walk around the town before carrying on to Tres Cruces, the highest point and entrance to Manu National Park. From here we will continue into the Cloud Forest and at Fog forest we will explore for around 3 hours to observe the National bird of Perú, (the cock of the rock), the biggest monkey in Peru (woolly monkeys) and to observe different types of bromeliads and beautiful orchids. In the afternoon we arrive at Pona Lodge (950m), where we spend the night (double rooms & private bathroom). After dinner your guide will brief you about the activities of the next day.

Day 2: Amazon Pona Lodge – Teparo Ecological Reserve
After breakfast we will continue by private bus to Atalaya. On the way we will stop to observe a coca plantation, we will also stop at a view point where you can get a good overview of the jungle and river.
From Atalaya we leave by motorized with all equipment (lifejackets) to our Ecological Reserve, a long the boat trip we will see many different kind of animals, birds, plants and flowers.
We will walk in the afternoon until evening in our Ecological Reserve (included night expeditions) to see tarantulas, different types of spiders, poisonous frogs, tree frogs, snakes, alligators, night monkeys, armadillos and boas.

Day 3: Teparo Ecological Reserve – Casa Matsiguenka Lodge
Well fed and rested we leave Our Lodge. we'll pass settlements and native communities during the trip. Just before we get to the village of Boca Manu we pass the native community of Diamante. We turn up the Manu River leaving the relatively clean waters of the Madre de Dios behind; we enter the clay-laden waters of the Manu River. We’ll check in at the park ranger station at Limonal to present our permits. We are now deep in the pristine Manu National Park. We head upriver – as deep into the park as allowed, to Casa Matsiguenka Lodge.
Beaches of the Manu river host sunning White and Black Caimans (South American relatives of the Alligators) and breeding Side-necked Turtles. Hundreds of Sand-colored Nightjars roost during the day on logs and beaches and there is a chance of encountering a sunning Jaguar - the world’s third largest cat. We will see some species of primate on this river trip, possibly Colombian Red Howler Monkeys, the smaller Black-headed Squirrel Monkeys or Black spider monkey. Night at our Matsiguenka Lodge.

Day 4: Casa Matsiguenka Lodge – Salvador Lake - Otorongo Lake.
In the morning we visit Cocha Salvador with a catamarán specially constructed piers that jut out into the lake enable us to look for a family of Giant Otters that live here. These, the world’s largest freshwater carnivores, remain common only in Manu and few other places on earth, having been hunted to extinction throughout most of their former range. Each animal consumes between 4 and 5 kilos of fish daily and often they can be seen eating large fish on logs at the lakeside. After lunch we start our excursion through the virgin jungle to Cocha Otorongo Lake where observation piers and a 20-meter observation tower in the rainforest canopy overlooking the lake are available for observing wildlife. We will also be on the lookout for a large family of Giant Otters that inhabit this lake. Night at our Matsiguenka Lodge.

Day 5: Casa Matsiguenka Lodge – Tambo Blanquillo Lodge.
After breakfast we can explore the trail system at the lodge in the morning before heading downriver river to Tambo Blanquillo Lodge. The afternoon is set aside to relax or, if you want, to explore a trail through the untouched forest for see more wildlife. Those who wish can participate in a night walk with your tour guide in search of nocturnal animals and visit the Tapir Lick. Tapirs, the largest South American land mammals. We watch them protected with the mosquito nets and mattresses. The adventurous may pass the night here and walk back to the lodge at dawn for breakfast. Night at the Tambo Blanquillo Lodge.

Day 6: Tambo Blanquillo Lodge (Macaw Clay Lick - Blanco lake)
On this lovely morning we will leave early and head towards the river, after 15 min walk we will reach to Blanquillo Macaw Clay Lick. From a platform we have an excellent view to observe flocks of colorful Macaws (Ara chloroptera, Ara macao), parrots and parakeets congregating to eat the clay, which is essential for their digestión.
Not only birds use this clay wall as a source of needed antacids. Mammals such as Tapirs, Red Brocket Deer Colombian Howler Monkey can be found.
After the beautiful macaw show we explore the trails and we have the opportunity to visit Cocha Camungo (camungo oxbow lake); close the lake there is a 45 meter metal tower; from here we can observe species of monkeys and birds.
Later, after lunch we travel to visit ´Cocha Blanco` (Blanco lake). After a short hike we reach the oxbow-lake which we explore by catamaran to look for the family of Giant River Otters that lives here. We enjoy the beautiful setting at the lake and we look for monkeys (Red Howler Monkey, Squirrel mokeys, Capuchin monkeys, Emperor and Saddle backed Tamarin monkeys, Monk Saki monkey), caimans and different varieties of birds such as Pavonine Quetzal, Hoatzin and Manakins. (Optional night walk) Night at the Tambo Blanquillo Lodge.

Day 7: Tambo Blanquillo Lodge - Cusco.
After breakfast at the lodge we travel downriver by boat to Colorado mining town (2 1/2 hours). Together with the guide we take a car to Puerto Carlos (1 hour). We cross the Inambari river to the small town of Santa Rosa, and from here we will continue our trip to Cusco. where our bus is waiting for us to drive back to Cusco. We arrive in Cusco in the evening; transfer to your hotel.

Tour Includes:
- Private boat and bus
- Rubber boots, rain ponchos
- All accommodations and Lodges
- Bilingual guide from the jungle
- Mineral water all the time
- First aid kit
- 3 meals per day including a vegetarian option
- Professional cook
- Entrance Fee to Manu National Park
- Entrance to Salvador Lake
- Entrance to Otorongo Lake
- Entrance to Blanco Lake
- Entrance to Macaw Clay Lick
- Entrance to Tapir Clay Lick

What you need to take:
- Repellent with a minimum of 40% deet
- Good Binoculars
- Camera with extra batteries
- Flashlight or headlight with extra batteries - Personal medicines
- Sun lotion
- Pocket money
- Daypack
- Water bottle
- Sun hat
- Sandals
- Swimming suit
- Toilet Paper
- Small Towel
- Dark color clothes.

Important Note: The sequence of the itinerary is subject to change due to weather conditions .

Pre-departure briefing the night before of your trip at your hotel with your tour guide.

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