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In Amazon Tours Perú we are working hard to provide you an excellent quality service while being culturally sensitive, looking after our field staff and helping to conserve the environment. Over the last 10 years the number of companies offering tours to Peru has increased exponentially as Peru has become a safe and popular adventure destination. As competition between these companies has increased many of the companies have followed the road of offering cheaper and cheaper services more often than not sacrificing quality along the way.

Many of these reductions in quality are quite obvious such as poor quality guides and accommodation, but there are also many hidden cuts that aren't as easy to see. Poor treatment and payment of incredibly low wages to trekking staff such as drivers, guides, boat men and crew, and avoidance of paying any kind of national taxes are just two ways that some companies can provide cheaper services. Usually these operators have no respect for the environment and leave a route of rubbish behind them or, even worse, dump it in rivers or woods.

Over the last few years however, due to an increased awareness of environmental issues and increased access to excellent information on the internet, visitors are more educated and more informed about the countries that they are visiting and the effects of tourism on their host country ... things are slowly improving in Peru. However many of the worst offending companies still exist and are still selling budget tours and treks. In our opinion the only way to improve trekking standards and reduce the impact to the environment is to provide good information, charge a price that is fair and reasonable for the services provided (with no hidden extras) and demonstrate that our company is working towards conservation of the environment and looking after the well-being of those persons who work for Amazon Tours Peru and those Native communities that we visit as part of our tours.

Our goal is to become Peru's foremost responsible tour operator, a goal which in our opinion is very achievable with our determination and your support.

Amazon Tours Perú is committed in its policy of promoting responsible tourism throughout Peru. This is achieved through the following:
Amazon Tours Perú is a Peruvian company owned and managed by Peruvians (especially by a group of peruvian jungle people). We are licensed by the local government to operate as a tour operator in Perú. Unlike overseas tour companies.

 The profits generated by Amazon Tours Peru will also go towards helping Native community projects in the peruvian jungle & Cusco region. Unlike many companies who just talk about helping local communities, we work with the locals people into the Eco-tourism activity, we are honest to say you the truth we won not invent any Community Project.

Amazon Tours Perú employs locals, professional staff and pay them professional wages. All of our guides are Peruvian jungle peolpe with many years experience leading group expeditions.

Amazon Tours Perú operates trips directly using our own guides, crew and equipment we pay our staff well above average wages. Good and rustic accommodations owned by Amazon Tours Perú and meals are jungle dish along the trip.

Amazon Tours Perú use clean and boiled water to cook the meals. We carry gas stoves.

 All the time Amazon Tours Perú, maintains the high quality service that we provide to you.

Equipment and Important details
Equipment checklist:
• Daypack
• Flashlight
• Binoculars
• Insect repellent
• One bottle of water for the first day
• Rain gear
• Sleeping bag (5D & 6D tours)
• Warm jacket
• Long- sleeve cotton shirts
• Hiking shorts
• Headgear
• Swimsuit/sport sandals
• Photocopy of passport
• Sunscreen/sunglasses
• Hiking boots
• Pocket knife
• Camera and film (ASA 200/400

Things you should to know:
Other programs:
In addition to the programs described here, we can arrange other programs for private groups with special interests or different time schedules.

Group size:
We take small groups in order to get best out spot of wildlife. Trips are operated with a minimum group size of 4 and a maximum of 8 per guide. In case we would have more inscriptions than 10, an extra guide will join the group.

Health advice:
There are no registered cases of yellow fever in the Manu area the last 20 years and the occasional cases of malaria in the zone have proved to be completely curable. Use insect repellent and wide light clothing to avoid being bitten.

If you have your medicine for Malaria and the vaccination for yellow fever take with you.

We have the option of making departures any date:
Please just ask for it
• Departures can be any date, if we have 4 or more people.
• We offer private services in all our programs.

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